If you haven’t played it yet, it’s time to try it! Simcity Buildit took the world by surprise in 2013, when it was launched, and since then, it has over 10 million downloads on Android with a score of 4.4. The mobile version of the well-known and equally popular Simcity is very well-designed and offers a great experience to anyone interested in a city-building game.

The best part is that you get a 3D-view of your city whenever you want and you can avoid a crisis by being there for your citizens every moment of your day. I mean, you never know when resources get scarce or when people decide they need more from you!

The mobile version is freemium so you can play for free for as long as you want. However, you are offered the possibility to pay with real money if you want to buy resources faster or develop your city quicker. Still, if you do your job as a mayor and know a few tips and tricks, you could earn enough Simcity Buildit unlimited simcash & simoleons to keep you in business for a long time.

Simcity Buildit unlimited simcash & simoleons

Tips & Tricks that shouldn’t be ignored

Simcity Buildit is more than a game; it’s a living, breathing community that you must entertain. So, to make sure every move you make is the right one, take a look at the tips and tricks described below.

Expanding the population is very important

Having Simcity Buildit unlimited simcash & simoleons (which is actually the currency used in Simcity) is very important for your development. However, nothing can be achieved without a happy, expanding population. To reach a great number of citizens, your city must have plenty of new residences with all the required upgrades. Otherwise people won’t be moving in and, if they do, they won’t be happy.

One quick way to keep people happy is to build parks – people love green spaces and walking in their free time.

Don’t forget about city services

Having a bunch of buildings placed illogically in the building are won’t do you any good. You actually have to plan your city and make sure there are enough city services to service the area. You will need to place health buildings (hospitals or doctors’ cabinets), fire stations, or police stations. It’s also very important to place these buildings close to the residential zones to keep citizens happy and paying taxes.

Keep in mind: a happy population will bring you more Simcity Buildit unlimited simcash & simoleons than anything else.

Don’t be afraid of change

It is recommended to keep things fresh so don’t be afraid to rearrange the streets, move buildings and make serious changes whenever you want. This will keep people happy as long as your changes make the place look great and make sense for them and their daily lives.

In our opinion, Simcity Buildit is a fun and educational game. You have the opportunity to apply your passions and learn about planning and strategizing.

Who hasn’t heard of New York or the Big Apple as Americans like to call it? It’s one of the largest cities in the world and it harbors people from all over the world looking for the ‘American dream’. Now, even if you don’t live there, New York is a fascinating town and there are lots of interesting to do as a tourist.

new york

Points of interest in New York

You can eve say that there are so many things to do and see that you may have to visit again and again just to make sure you got the spirit of the city completely. Below are a few ideas for your first visit.

Empire State Building

This 102-stories high skyscraper located in the middle of Manhattan (the most famous quarter in NY), will definitely leave its mark on you. It’s also one of the most showed buildings in American movies so you’ll recognize it quite easily. Even though it may be tall, it’s only the 5th tallest building in the US and 29th all over the world.

However, this building is a cultural icon and you must see it and climb to the top. At the 86th and 102nd floors you’ll find observation decks that allow you a panoramic view over the city. However, you’ll have to pay a fee for this amazing view.

One fun fact: the building makes more money from selling tickets for these observation decks than it does from renting office spaces.

Statue of Liberty

You can’t visit NY and not pay a visit to Lady Liberty. The icon of the American people is a colossal sculpture received as a gift from the French. The statue was actually designed by Gustave Eifel, the very designer of the French icon, tour Eifel.

The statue is located on Liberty Island and you have to take the ferry to visit this amazing monument.

Central Park

Situated in the middle-upper Manhattan, this 341 ha park is absolutely amazing! With lots of green space and places to spend your free time, it is one of the most popular parks in the world.

Astonishing museums

And now for a bit of culture! NY is a large city and one of the beacons of culture in the world so you’ll have plenty of things to see. Here are the ones you shouldn’t skip:

  • The Met, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art – this colossal building has over 2 million pieces on display and goes through about 5,000 years of history. You should plan ahead on which sections you want to visit as it is impossible to visit everything in one day.
  • Museum of Modern Art – here legendary artists like Picasso and Van Gogh await art lovers with amazing masterpieces. Even more, the building itself is gorgeous and you’ll be amazing by the intricate construction.
  • American Museum of Natural History – this is a fantastic place to go when you want to learn more about our history on this planet. As one of the largest museum in the world, the complex is designed out of 28 interconnected buildings with 45 permanent exhibition halls and a planetarium and a library. Within its walls, the museum has over 33 million specimens of fossils, minerals, plants, animals, and more.

As you can see, you can’t get bored in New York! There are still so many things to see and visit that you’ll definitely want to come back!

Real Racing 3 Hack is a (as the name says) racing game, developed by Firemonkeys Studio and sold by EA Games for mobile platforms. The game is free to download and play, but you will have the possibility to make in-app purchases using real money (if you want). As you can imagine, this is actually a sequel to the Real Racing 1 and 2 versions of the game, but these were not free to install. Actually, the fact that Real Racing 3 is freemium did attract a lot of criticism from players. However, the game is still lauded and enjoyed by users so there’s no real harm done to the franchise.

real racing 3 hack

The gameplay

Being a racing game, your main goal is to reach the finish line the first. However, the way you behave in the race and how well you drive is also accounted for.

The game is separated into 59 series and each series is divided into 17 to 19 tiers with 1 to 3 races per tier. This makes the gameplay more complex than with other racing games. Even more, each series is designed in such a way that you can only use certain cars which make things even more challenging.

Also, you will have to buy the cars you want to drive using gold and coins earned in your racing. For instance, the first car you drive in the game it is a loan – this will keep you motivated and focus on reaching your first goal: buying a car.

The features that matter

Real Race 3 hack is a game that brings a breath of fresh air in the racing game industry. First of all, you have amazing video settings for a racing mobile game. Even more, every small detail is considered so you almost feel like being at a real race track.

To continue with the illusion, all the cars available in Real Racing 3 Hack are virtual replicas of real cars! So, you’ll be able to drive your dream car regardless of the fact that the producer is Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini of Ferrari. There are over 140 models of amazing cars available in the game and you can drive them all.

Another feature that makes things interesting is the real tracks. Yes! In Real Race 3 you actually get to drive on famous racing tracks like Le Mans or the Dubai Autodrome! How cool is that? If this didn’t convince you, the fact that you can invite friends to a quick race should. You can challenge a friend (or an enemy for that matter) to a real-time racing with drafting anytime.

A true racing experience

If you thought that the parallel with reality stops here, you were wrong! Real Racing 3 Hack features dynamic reflections and fully functioning rear view mirrors that can be adjusted as you wish. Also, thanks to the amazing Mint Engine you can see detailed car damage that is consistent with the crash.

Real Racing 3 Hack is definitely one of the most advanced racing games for mobile platforms of the hour! It is a fun, enticing, and thrilling adventure!

Traffic Rider Hack is the latest hot game in the endless racing games category. Developers (Soner Kara) managed to create a mildly addictive game playing with wonderful visual and audio effects and this is shown in the number of downloads (over 4 million on Android).

Traffic Rider Hack is designed to work on both Android and iOS platforms and is free to play with in-app purchases. Since most users play it for free, you will have to expect some ads but these are not intrusive. The purchases help you move forward in the game and are mostly kits and Traffic Rider gold and cash money. The money and gold are important as it helps you move to next levels faster, unlock features, and buy new bikes.

traffic rider hack

The gameplay

The logic behind the game is simple: you are a motorbike rider who has to avoid traffic on the street and get to the finish line as quickly as possible. This means not crashing into other cars and going as fast as you can (you get extra cash if you reach high speeds).

While playing, you will have the chance to admire wonderful landscapes which are a part of the great graphics that the game is equipped with. Also, the ride is as smooth as possible and you will feel your adrenaline go up as you closely overtake other traffic participants.

Tips on how to become the best

As you advance in the game you will unlock new levels and these usually come with increased difficulty and extra challenges. However, you should also know that, as you get better, you will have more Traffic Rider gold and cash money which will allow you to move forward at a higher speed. Here are a few tips that may be of help:

  • The faster you ride, the more scores you get – as we mentioned before, speed counts. Still, until you get accustomed to the game, you should ride at moderate speed.
  • When driving at high speeds (over 100 km/h) you should overtake cars closely. This will get you bonus scores and cash.
  • Driving in opposite direction in two-way gives an extra score and cash – as you will see, at the end of each ride, one of the points for scoring higher is driving opposite.
  • Do wheelies to get an extra score and cash – however, these are a bit dangerous as you don’t really get to see the traffic in front. That’s why you should be careful and learn to appreciate when these are possible.


What users are saying

Reviews show how much users like this Traffic Rider Hack. Most users left great reviews and the most popular suggestion is more bikes. The game offer 25 bike models which you can unlock earning Traffic Rider gold and cash money but this doesn’t seem to be enough. Otherwise, the Traffic Rider Hack is great and the experience is absolutely fascinating.

You don’t know what FNB stadium is? Then it means you completely missed the 2010 FIFA World Cup! Soccer City (as it is also called) was the stadium that hosted the first and last games in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Besides being an iconic construction for the 2010 World Cup, the First National Bank Stadium (FNB) is also an icon for Johannesburg and South Africa. Looked from afar, the stadium looks like a traditional African beer pot which is why it’s also called the Calabash (quite a lot of names for one construction, right?).


A few interesting facts

The stadium is located in the Soweto area of the city and next to the South African Football Association headquarters (SAFA House). Why is this important? Well, here is where the 2010 FIFA World Cup offices and the Local Organizing Committee were housed.

Still, the stadium is not known just for the historical games it hosted. It is also known as the heart of South African football and a place of respect for every citizen. This was the first location where Nelson Mandela spoke to the people after he was released from prison. Even more, here is where Chris Hani’s, the freedom hero of Africa, funeral took place. The stadium also hosted the memorial services organized for Nelson Mandela on December 2013 and many world leaders stepped on its grass that day.

A few words about its magnitude

It is considered one of the largest stadiums in the Southern hemisphere, with a capacity of 94,736 (it was adjusted especially for the World Cup). However, during the event, only 84,490 seats were available to the public; the rest were reserved for officials and press.

But, to better imagine its structure, you should know that there is also an extended upper tier, and the roof is encircling the entire construction. There are also 184 hospitality suites and the parking lot can accept 15,000 cars. There are also underground parking possibilities, but those are reserved for VIPs.

The building was designed with sustainability in mind so builders used reclaimed materials that don’t require high-maintenance and all the fittings are designed to save energy. The run-off water in the summer is stored in large containers built-in the stadium and used for irrigation and other activities.

If you want to admire this architectural masterpiece, you can book a tour that will walk you through the main areas, changing rooms, VIP areas, players’ tunnel, and a mixed zone. However, beware that the tour will last between 60 and 90 minutes!

This year’s Olympics took place in Rio de Janeiro, the sixth most populous city in Latin America. The games took place starting with August 5th 2016 and ended on August 21st 2016 but this gave a chance for the whole world to discover the boom of life that is Rio de Janeiro. Also known for its famous carnival that attracts people from all over the world, Rio is a city full of life and day-to-day challenges.

The Olympics however put Rio on the map and showed how much Brazilians love to shine.


The Olympics

To sum up, the 2106 summer games was a world-watched event with over 11,000 athletes from 207 countries. Participants challenged their opponents in 28 Olympic sports and the events took place in 33 special designed locations in Rio de Janeiro. Some events couldn’t be hosted in the city so they were moved to cities like Sao Paulo, Manaus, Horizonte, Salvador, or Brasil.

These games were considered special by both the Brazilian people and the entire world and here’s why:

  • Rio was the first South America city to be the host for such an event
  • The Olympic games were held for the first time in a Portuguese-speaking country
  • Rio was the first city in southern hemisphere to organize such an event since 2000
  • Even though they are called the Summer Olympics, in Rio it was full winter
  • Latin America didn’t get the chance to host such an event since 1968.

However, the situation was a bit tense as there were many problems raised by the current governmental instabilities in the country and the rising crime on the street. Many tourists were harassed and robbed by gangs of Brazilians looking to make a quick buck. It was also the threat of the Zika virus and the poor health system that darkened this gorgeous event.

Olympic winners

You can’t talk about the Rio 2016 summer games without talking about the winners:

  • The US came first with 46 gold medals and 121 medals in general. They are actually 5th-time winners in the past six Summer Olympics so we should appreciate their effort – it’s difficult to get on top, but it’s even more difficult to stay there.
  • Great Britain got the second place
  • China came in third

Brazil (the host country) came in the thirteenth place with 7 gold medals and several nations won their first gold medal here.

Sydney may not be the capital of Australia, but it is the most populous one in the country and the most popular when it comes to the outside world. Sydney is most well-known for the wonderful Opera House which implements a unique sail-like design. Even more, Sydney is located around the world’s largest natural harbor and the life of its citizens is built around water sports and exploration.


Top things to do while you’re here

First of all, this city is a wonder for the tourist who loves walking! There are so many things to see and so many landscapes to admire that you couldn’t possibly reach them all from a bus or a car. Start with Sydney Harbor National Park where you’ll find that walking is extremely easy; you won’t even feel your feet hurting with so many paths and trails!

Next, you should continue with its spectacular coastline and gorgeous white sand beaches like Manly or Bondi. There are even specially designed coastal walks (Bondi to Coogee is an example) where you can admire more than just the ocean and the beaches. All these trails are quite long, but with a bit of exercise you will definitely get used to it.

But exploration doesn’t stop here! Sydney is rich in parks where people like to relax and practice their favorite sports, trails that wind around wonderful sights, and more.

Once you start walking you’ll get to see many of the attractions that make Sydney such a heaven for tourists. One of them is Sydney Harbor Bridge which offers you a 360-degree view over the entire city. Also, let’s not forget that you are surrounded by the ocean so things like whale watching, snorkeling, or visiting the coral reef are something quite usual around here. Don’t miss out on the fun offered by the rich marine life that surrounds the entire continent!

Things to do when you’re with the family

You may think Sydney is more fitted for adults who love walking, diving, and water sports. But you would be wrong. There are plenty of activities that kids will definitely enjoy here.

First, there are several zoos where kids could get accustomed with the local fauna. If you’re usually living in the Northern hemisphere this may be the first time when you get to see a koala bear or a kangaroo life.

There are also aquariums where you can admire the marine life from underneath. How cool would it be to see a manta ray floating above your head? Next on the list, Sydney offers a wide range of museums where kids can see dinosaurs or ships put together and displayed. And, if at the end of the day you’re still up for something fun, the Sydney Observatory and Archery Center are just a bus ride away.

The best part is that public transportation is not that expensive and there are special offers for tourists. This way you get to enjoy everything and you won’t have to spend a fortune or get frustrated in traffic.

If you’ve had enough of Europe and its amazing cities, your next trip should be Australia. Besides the fact that you get to visit an entire new continent and enjoy wonderful water sports, Australia is also known for its vibrant cities where adventure and parties are good friends.


What you can see and do as a tourist

First of all, you have to know that Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, the Australian taste where wine and food are at a high place. Victoria is well-known all over the world for its vineyards and flavorful wines that result. So, it’s no wonder when people will guide you to try the best food and wine in the city.

The best restaurant you can visit here is called Attica and it’s one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. If you’re not in for a fancy dinner, you can always try Greek, Spanish, or even Mexican food; Melbourne has it all!

Once you finished eating, your next stop should be at one of the best bars and party places in town. Just keep in mind that here, rooftop parties are something extremely usual. Starting with cocktails and ending with a fine wine could be the best way to spend your evening.

If you didn’t know by now, we’ll tell you: Melbourne is the cradle of many sports appreciated all over the world. Thus, you can see legendary venues that you admired only on TV until now. We recommend the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Spring Racing Carnival. Of course, there is also a Melbourne Cup and a Formula 1 track for when the competition starts.

If you’re not that into sports, you can always take a walk and admire the city. Actually, this is a step of the trip you shouldn’t miss! Melbourne is vibrant and full of life so you’ll get to see a unique combination of graffiti (highly artistic), one-off boutiques, laneways, and arcades. Of course, there are more imposing things to admire like the Melbourne Museum, St Patrick’s or Saint Paul’s Cathedral – both from Victorian times, or the gorgeous Manchester Unity Building.

Out of the city

Even though you’re here to admire the city, you should take one day off and admire the surroundings. Believe me, it’s worth it! If you’ve never heard of the Yarra Valley, you should know that it is located at about 90 minutes by car, at the East. Here you can enjoy handmade chocolate (yum!), world-class wines, and artisan cheese. What more could you want?

But that’s not all! At the Healesville Sanctuary you can see and even play with koala bears! If that’s not your thing, the area surrounding Melbourne is also blessed with wonderful beaches and high waves – perfect for surfing.

As you can see, you won’t get bored in Melbourne and I am sure you will want to return. This wonderful city has a lot to offer and the people are amazing and full of positive energy.

If you’re looking for a trip in one of the oldest and most popular cities of Europe, Barcelona should be on your list. The city is tumultuous and vivid, always filled with tourists and keeping true to the Spanish spirit of life. You will be able to see amazing buildings, art masterpieces, and gorgeous stadiums (Barcelona has one of the best football teams in the world).


If you’re not convinced, below we put together a top 6 things to see in Barcelona:

  1. Modernist architecture – the area occupied today by Spain was the cradle of modernism and its main artist was Antonio Gaudi. His most known masterpieces are Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, but you’ll find many others represented in Barcelona.
  2. La Sagrada Família – no one should miss seeing this spectacular architectural masterpiece! The cathedral is still in construction even today, after 100 years, and it’s quite amazing. You won’t forget this view pretty soon and it stands as testimony to what the human mind can create.
  3. Take a walk – the city is big indeed, but it can offer a fantastic day of on foot exploration if you like it. There are wonderful parks to visit and even castles that will mesmerize your eyes.
  4. Great museums – if you’re staying longer, Barcelona has some of the best museums in Europe and, even better, the entrance is free on Sunday! We recommend you visit the Picasso Museum and the Museum of History of Barcelona (that if you love Roman ruins and other historical things).
  5. The Gothic quarter – if you want to get a feel of how medieval people used to live, this is the place to visit. Narrow streets, squares, patios, and historic buildings open to the public (even though they are inhabited).
  6. Santa Maria del Mar – another beautiful cathedral, this time in the Gothic style, which must be visited while in Barcelona. You will love the tall, arched ceiling, the general style, and the imposing presence of this building.

In the end, if none of the options above seem doable, you might enjoy going to the beach, especially if you don’t usually leave in a city where you have regular access to the beach. The city offers access to wonderful white sand beaches where you can enjoy your share of the Spanish sun. Beware though, during summer these beaches are quite crowded.

Paris is one of the most renowned cities in Europe and the entire world knows that this is the place to go when you’re in love. But why Paris? There are definitely many other romantic places in the world that could challenge Paris’s reputation. Still, people continue to love this city and below we listed the top 5 reasons why.

The lights

Paris is also called the city of lights and for a good reason! At night, when the darkness takes away the natural light, Paris lights up. First, you’ll notice the symbol known by everyone – tour Eifel – glowing from top to bottom. Next, if you’re somewhere high, you’ll notice that all the grand boulevards around the tour form a glowing star with the Eifel tour in the center.

And the lights don’t stop here: all Paris is bathed in artificial, romantic lights making the sites you love during the day, magical.


The Eifel tour

The popular symbol of Paris is the main attraction for both lovers and adventurers. What woman wouldn’t love to be proposed at the base or at the top of tour Eifel? Thousands of proposals happen here every year and people seem to consider the tour a symbol of love and romance.

The sights and the touristic attractions

We have to admit it, Paris is a beautiful city! The old architecture that makes us think of Romeo and Juliet, the walks along Seine river, and the cafés that allow you to rest and enjoy a wonderful coffee all contribute to this city’s beauty and romance.

There are so many wonderful buildings to visit that you may not get to cover all of them in one single visit (especially if you’re planning on more romantic stuff). But, if you’re planning to visit, you must see the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. Another location to visit is the Pont des Artes where you can see the legendary wall of padlocks. However, this is not the only attraction here – the sunset is.

Amazing food

French are well-known for their taste in amazing food and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Besides pastry, cheese, and wine, they make amazing chocolate and chocolate products that are a perfect fit for a romantic atmosphere. Just imagine: a delicious dinner, in a small restaurant by the Seine while listening to the city and enjoying the wonderful flavor of Paris.

Travelers recommend Patisserie Carette (on Place des Vosges). Here you will find the best coffee in Paris and a size of the most delicious macaroons.

Lots of places designed for lovers

Did you know that there is a wall in Paris where the words ‘I love you’ are written in 311 languages? It’s called Mur des je t’aime and it’s located in the Montmartre District. But the walk doesn’t stop here as the Montmartre District is also known to be the artists’ quarter where you get to explore cobbled streets, narrow stairways and take a quick taste of the old Paris.