Barcelona: Top 6 things to do while visiting

If you’re looking for a trip in one of the oldest and most popular cities of Europe, Barcelona should be on your list. The city is tumultuous and vivid, always filled with tourists and keeping true to the Spanish spirit of life. You will be able to see amazing buildings, art masterpieces, and gorgeous stadiums (Barcelona has one of the best football teams in the world).


If you’re not convinced, below we put together a top 6 things to see in Barcelona:

  1. Modernist architecture – the area occupied today by Spain was the cradle of modernism and its main artist was Antonio Gaudi. His most known masterpieces are Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, but you’ll find many others represented in Barcelona.
  2. La Sagrada Família – no one should miss seeing this spectacular architectural masterpiece! The cathedral is still in construction even today, after 100 years, and it’s quite amazing. You won’t forget this view pretty soon and it stands as testimony to what the human mind can create.
  3. Take a walk – the city is big indeed, but it can offer a fantastic day of on foot exploration if you like it. There are wonderful parks to visit and even castles that will mesmerize your eyes.
  4. Great museums – if you’re staying longer, Barcelona has some of the best museums in Europe and, even better, the entrance is free on Sunday! We recommend you visit the Picasso Museum and the Museum of History of Barcelona (that if you love Roman ruins and other historical things).
  5. The Gothic quarter – if you want to get a feel of how medieval people used to live, this is the place to visit. Narrow streets, squares, patios, and historic buildings open to the public (even though they are inhabited).
  6. Santa Maria del Mar – another beautiful cathedral, this time in the Gothic style, which must be visited while in Barcelona. You will love the tall, arched ceiling, the general style, and the imposing presence of this building.

In the end, if none of the options above seem doable, you might enjoy going to the beach, especially if you don’t usually leave in a city where you have regular access to the beach. The city offers access to wonderful white sand beaches where you can enjoy your share of the Spanish sun. Beware though, during summer these beaches are quite crowded.