Olympics 2016 Rio de Janeiro: The Aftermath

This year’s Olympics took place in Rio de Janeiro, the sixth most populous city in Latin America. The games took place starting with August 5th 2016 and ended on August 21st 2016 but this gave a chance for the whole world to discover the boom of life that is Rio de Janeiro. Also known for its famous carnival that attracts people from all over the world, Rio is a city full of life and day-to-day challenges.

The Olympics however put Rio on the map and showed how much Brazilians love to shine.


The Olympics

To sum up, the 2106 summer games was a world-watched event with over 11,000 athletes from 207 countries. Participants challenged their opponents in 28 Olympic sports and the events took place in 33 special designed locations in Rio de Janeiro. Some events couldn’t be hosted in the city so they were moved to cities like Sao Paulo, Manaus, Horizonte, Salvador, or Brasil.

These games were considered special by both the Brazilian people and the entire world and here’s why:

  • Rio was the first South America city to be the host for such an event
  • The Olympic games were held for the first time in a Portuguese-speaking country
  • Rio was the first city in southern hemisphere to organize such an event since 2000
  • Even though they are called the Summer Olympics, in Rio it was full winter
  • Latin America didn’t get the chance to host such an event since 1968.

However, the situation was a bit tense as there were many problems raised by the current governmental instabilities in the country and the rising crime on the street. Many tourists were harassed and robbed by gangs of Brazilians looking to make a quick buck. It was also the threat of the Zika virus and the poor health system that darkened this gorgeous event.

Olympic winners

You can’t talk about the Rio 2016 summer games without talking about the winners:

  • The US came first with 46 gold medals and 121 medals in general. They are actually 5th-time winners in the past six Summer Olympics so we should appreciate their effort – it’s difficult to get on top, but it’s even more difficult to stay there.
  • Great Britain got the second place
  • China came in third

Brazil (the host country) came in the thirteenth place with 7 gold medals and several nations won their first gold medal here.