Paris City Of Love: Top 5 Reasons Why It Got This Name

Paris is one of the most renowned cities in Europe and the entire world knows that this is the place to go when you’re in love. But why Paris? There are definitely many other romantic places in the world that could challenge Paris’s reputation. Still, people continue to love this city and below we listed the top 5 reasons why.

The lights

Paris is also called the city of lights and for a good reason! At night, when the darkness takes away the natural light, Paris lights up. First, you’ll notice the symbol known by everyone – tour Eifel – glowing from top to bottom. Next, if you’re somewhere high, you’ll notice that all the grand boulevards around the tour form a glowing star with the Eifel tour in the center.

And the lights don’t stop here: all Paris is bathed in artificial, romantic lights making the sites you love during the day, magical.


The Eifel tour

The popular symbol of Paris is the main attraction for both lovers and adventurers. What woman wouldn’t love to be proposed at the base or at the top of tour Eifel? Thousands of proposals happen here every year and people seem to consider the tour a symbol of love and romance.

The sights and the touristic attractions

We have to admit it, Paris is a beautiful city! The old architecture that makes us think of Romeo and Juliet, the walks along Seine river, and the cafés that allow you to rest and enjoy a wonderful coffee all contribute to this city’s beauty and romance.

There are so many wonderful buildings to visit that you may not get to cover all of them in one single visit (especially if you’re planning on more romantic stuff). But, if you’re planning to visit, you must see the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. Another location to visit is the Pont des Artes where you can see the legendary wall of padlocks. However, this is not the only attraction here – the sunset is.

Amazing food

French are well-known for their taste in amazing food and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Besides pastry, cheese, and wine, they make amazing chocolate and chocolate products that are a perfect fit for a romantic atmosphere. Just imagine: a delicious dinner, in a small restaurant by the Seine while listening to the city and enjoying the wonderful flavor of Paris.

Travelers recommend Patisserie Carette (on Place des Vosges). Here you will find the best coffee in Paris and a size of the most delicious macaroons.

Lots of places designed for lovers

Did you know that there is a wall in Paris where the words ‘I love you’ are written in 311 languages? It’s called Mur des je t’aime and it’s located in the Montmartre District. But the walk doesn’t stop here as the Montmartre District is also known to be the artists’ quarter where you get to explore cobbled streets, narrow stairways and take a quick taste of the old Paris.