Real Racing 3 Hack for iOS & Android

Real Racing 3 Hack is a (as the name says) racing game, developed by Firemonkeys Studio and sold by EA Games for mobile platforms. The game is free to download and play, but you will have the possibility to make in-app purchases using real money (if you want). As you can imagine, this is actually a sequel to the Real Racing 1 and 2 versions of the game, but these were not free to install. Actually, the fact that Real Racing 3 is freemium did attract a lot of criticism from players. However, the game is still lauded and enjoyed by users so there’s no real harm done to the franchise.

real racing 3 hack

The gameplay

Being a racing game, your main goal is to reach the finish line the first. However, the way you behave in the race and how well you drive is also accounted for.

The game is separated into 59 series and each series is divided into 17 to 19 tiers with 1 to 3 races per tier. This makes the gameplay more complex than with other racing games. Even more, each series is designed in such a way that you can only use certain cars which make things even more challenging.

Also, you will have to buy the cars you want to drive using gold and coins earned in your racing. For instance, the first car you drive in the game it is a loan – this will keep you motivated and focus on reaching your first goal: buying a car.

The features that matter

Real Race 3 hack is a game that brings a breath of fresh air in the racing game industry. First of all, you have amazing video settings for a racing mobile game. Even more, every small detail is considered so you almost feel like being at a real race track.

To continue with the illusion, all the cars available in Real Racing 3 Hack are virtual replicas of real cars! So, you’ll be able to drive your dream car regardless of the fact that the producer is Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini of Ferrari. There are over 140 models of amazing cars available in the game and you can drive them all.

Another feature that makes things interesting is the real tracks. Yes! In Real Race 3 you actually get to drive on famous racing tracks like Le Mans or the Dubai Autodrome! How cool is that? If this didn’t convince you, the fact that you can invite friends to a quick race should. You can challenge a friend (or an enemy for that matter) to a real-time racing with drafting anytime.

A true racing experience

If you thought that the parallel with reality stops here, you were wrong! Real Racing 3 Hack features dynamic reflections and fully functioning rear view mirrors that can be adjusted as you wish. Also, thanks to the amazing Mint Engine you can see detailed car damage that is consistent with the crash.

Real Racing 3 Hack is definitely one of the most advanced racing games for mobile platforms of the hour! It is a fun, enticing, and thrilling adventure!