Sydney, Australia: An Iconic City Of The World

Sydney may not be the capital of Australia, but it is the most populous one in the country and the most popular when it comes to the outside world. Sydney is most well-known for the wonderful Opera House which implements a unique sail-like design. Even more, Sydney is located around the world’s largest natural harbor and the life of its citizens is built around water sports and exploration.


Top things to do while you’re here

First of all, this city is a wonder for the tourist who loves walking! There are so many things to see and so many landscapes to admire that you couldn’t possibly reach them all from a bus or a car. Start with Sydney Harbor National Park where you’ll find that walking is extremely easy; you won’t even feel your feet hurting with so many paths and trails!

Next, you should continue with its spectacular coastline and gorgeous white sand beaches like Manly or Bondi. There are even specially designed coastal walks (Bondi to Coogee is an example) where you can admire more than just the ocean and the beaches. All these trails are quite long, but with a bit of exercise you will definitely get used to it.

But exploration doesn’t stop here! Sydney is rich in parks where people like to relax and practice their favorite sports, trails that wind around wonderful sights, and more.

Once you start walking you’ll get to see many of the attractions that make Sydney such a heaven for tourists. One of them is Sydney Harbor Bridge which offers you a 360-degree view over the entire city. Also, let’s not forget that you are surrounded by the ocean so things like whale watching, snorkeling, or visiting the coral reef are something quite usual around here. Don’t miss out on the fun offered by the rich marine life that surrounds the entire continent!

Things to do when you’re with the family

You may think Sydney is more fitted for adults who love walking, diving, and water sports. But you would be wrong. There are plenty of activities that kids will definitely enjoy here.

First, there are several zoos where kids could get accustomed with the local fauna. If you’re usually living in the Northern hemisphere this may be the first time when you get to see a koala bear or a kangaroo life.

There are also aquariums where you can admire the marine life from underneath. How cool would it be to see a manta ray floating above your head? Next on the list, Sydney offers a wide range of museums where kids can see dinosaurs or ships put together and displayed. And, if at the end of the day you’re still up for something fun, the Sydney Observatory and Archery Center are just a bus ride away.

The best part is that public transportation is not that expensive and there are special offers for tourists. This way you get to enjoy everything and you won’t have to spend a fortune or get frustrated in traffic.